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GrandFan Privacy Statement

Our Legal office is at your service. Here you can find legal documents regarding the usability of our website and our products.


GrandFan© has developed this Privacy Statement to explain how we may collect, retain, process, share and transfer your Personal Data when you visit our Sites or use our Services. This Privacy Statement applies to your Personal Data when you visit Sites or use Services and does not apply to online websites or services that we do not own or control, including websites or services of other GrandFan© users. To avoid doubt, this Privacy Statement does not constitute a "framework contract" for the EU Payment Services Directive (2007/64/EC) or any implementation of that Directive in the European Economic Area. This Privacy Statement is designed to help you obtain information about our privacy practices and to help you understand your privacy choices when you use our Sites and Services. Please note that our Service offerings may vary by region. This Privacy Statement may be supplemented with additional notices depending on the Sites and Services concerned. Supplementary information can be found in the Statement on Cookies and Tracking Technologies and the Banking Regulations Notice. We have defined some terms that we use throughout the Privacy Statement. You can find the meaning of a capitalized term in the Definitions section. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our privacy practices that are not addressed in this Privacy Statement.

In this case, the data controller for Grand.Fan is Gran Fan Inc, 16192 Coastal Highway, 19958 Lewes, United States of America. For European Activity, the data controller for Grand.Fan is E.Life Consortium, via Frigerio 3, 6821 Rovio, Switzerland.

As for personal accounts created by users for educational, training, or testing purposes, the owner of the processing of personal data is LutinX Inc, Grand Fan Partner, against whom the rights provided for by the GDPR and specified in this information can be asserted. In this regard, it should be noted that the data present in the personal accounts of the various users are not known or processed by third parties, including teachers and/or trainers.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

We collect Personal Data about you when you visit our Sites or use our Services, including the following:

Registration and use information : When you register to use our Services by establishing an Account, we will collect Personal Data as necessary to offer and fulfill the Services you request. Depending on the Services you choose, we may require you to provide us with your name, postal address, telephone number, email address, and identification information to establish an Account. We may require you to provide us with additional Personal Data as you use our Services.

Transaction and experience information : When you use our Services or access our Sites, for example, to timestamp a document or certify your role inside a group of people, we collect information about the transaction, as well as other information associated with the transaction, including information about any funding instruments used to complete the transaction, Device Information, Technical Usage Data, and Geolocation Information.

Participant Personal Data : When you use our Services or access our Sites, we collect Personal Data you provide us about the other participants associated with the transaction.

Send or request to Grand Fan: When you send or request Grand Fan through the Services, we collect Personal Data such as name, postal address, telephone number, and financial account information about the participant receiving Grand Fan from you or sending notes to you. The extent of Personal Data required about a participant may vary depending on the Services you are using to send or request money. Pay or request someone else to pay a bill: If you use our Services to pay an invoice for the benefit of someone else, or if you request a User to pay a bill for you, we collect Personal Data from you about the account holder such as name, postal address, telephone number, email address, and account number of the bill that you intend to pay or request to be paid.

Add value to your accounts: If you use our Services to add value to your Account or any other account you may have, or if you ask a User to add value to any of these accounts, we may collect Personal Data from you about the other party, or from the other party about you to facilitate the request. For example, use our Services to reload a mobile phone or request value be added to your mobile account. We may collect Personal Data and other information from the other participant, including mobile account numbers.

Personal Data about your friends and contacts : It may be easier for us to help you transact with your friends and contacts if you choose to connect your contact list information with your Account. If you establish an account connection between your device or a social media platform and your Account, we will use your contact list information (such as name, address, email address) to improve your experience when you use our Services.

Personal data that you choose to provide us to obtain additional Services or specific online Services – If you request or participate in an optional Site feature or request enhanced Services or other elective functionality, we may collect additional information from you. We will provide you with a separate notice at the time of collection if the use of that Personal Data differs from the uses disclosed in this Privacy Statement.

Personal Data about you if you use the Service "Checkout without a Grand Fan© Account" Certain limited Services are available without being required to log in to or establish an Account, also referred to as Checkout without a Grand Fan© Account. We will collect Personal Data, Email Addresses, Device Information, Technical Usage Data, and Geolocation Information as necessary to complete the transaction if you are an Account holder and choose to engage in a Checkout without a© Account transaction, we may collect information about the transaction and associate it with your Account as part of our compliance and analytics operations. If you are not an Account Holder, you can receive a Voucher, but you need to Activate a complete Account to use it.

Personal Data about you from third-party sources – We obtain information from third-party sources such as merchants, data providers, and credit bureaus, where permitted by law. Other information we collect related to your use of our Sites or Services – We may collect additional information from or about you when you communicate with us, contact our customer support teams or respond to a survey.

Why Do We Retain Personal Data?

We retain Personal Data in an identifiable format for the least amount of time necessary to fulfill our legal or regulatory obligations and business purposes. We may have Personal Data for more extended periods than required by law if it is in our legitimate business interests and not prohibited by law. If your Account is closed, we may take steps to mask Personal Data and other information, but we reserve our ability to retain and access the data for so long as required to comply with applicable laws. We will continue to use and disclose such Personal data by this Privacy Statement. The cookies we use have defined expiration times; unless you visit our Sites or use our Services within that time, the cookies are automatically disabled, and retained data is deleted. Please consult our Statement on Cookies and Tracking Technologies for more information.